Arizona: Dre Aka Andrea McCray Drama Exposed On TikTok, Marvin ‘Von’ McCray Full Story Explained


Dre, aka Andrea McCray, is a make-up artist and social media character.

She caught most of the people’s consideration and was titled as a loyal partner who took to good lengths to help her sick husband, which is reportedly found to be a facade. And there could also be far more to the story.

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Arizona: Dre Aka Andrea McCray Drama Explained On TikTok

Dre McCray has carried out doctor to her family and takes care of her beloved husband, who has nicely being factors.

And she even garnered loads of consideration on social media for being an excellent partner and caretaker of her husband and being a sole provider for her family. But, who knew that this story would sort out one different path, and there was one different hiding and the underlying trigger behind it.

And, that’s, no matter her husband having seven seizures, Mrs. McMcCray didn’t take her husband to the hospital and let her husband be silently dealt with of their residence by her. According to the evaluations, she didn’t allow Von McCray to hunt medical help from an precise doctor and decided for her husband’s nicely being by herself. 

After watching the TikTok video, some viewers commented that Andrea took her husband off his seizure drugs.

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Marvon ‘Von’ McCray Full Story

As shared by Marcon, aka Von McCray’s partner Andrea, he started experiencing seizures because of which he wanted to be bedridden.

What’s uncommon is that though Andrea shared that Von had eight seizures in a single evening time, she didn’t title 911 or any medical professionals. Instead, she went on social media and live-streamed her husband’s seizures and acted like she was the true concerned doctor.

But, the affected particular person’s mother Latisha Bias, instructed most of the people that Von has no medical historic previous of seizures and that Andrea claimed that she was treating his seizures from residence with herbs. 

At one stage, this moreover occurred when Andrea went working errands, defending her kids at residence by Von’s side. She obtained a reputation from one amongst her kids with the child telling her that Von’s seizure had appeared as soon as extra. But, what she did was, in its place of dashing residence, she spoke to the child on one phone and instructed them on the way in which to cope with Von, and alternatively, she began her keep streams from the alternative phone. 

According to New break, Von’s mom shared the police report with the personal Facebook group Exposing Dre McCray. There, it wrote that Von had slipped into the coma from a suicide try to by no means from seizures. The police report moreover included that Von tried to carry himself in his shed, and Andrea decrease him down and often known as 911.

Additionally, as written by the responding officer in his report, no bruising or abrasions had been present, and one rope was discovered on the scene. Von’s helpless mother, who was saved at midnight and unaware of her son’s scenario, claimed that she stumbled on about Von’s scenario on account of social media and by no means from her daughter-in-law Andrea.

Von McCray Medical Condition Coma- Where Is He Now?

About Von McCray’s medical scenario, he’s nonetheless in a coma. It is found that he was transferred to a facility in Tucson, AZ. And reportedly, Andrea didn’t let Von’s mom and father and completely different family members go to him.

Mrs. McCray even took to her social media on May 23 and instructed her followers that Von had been in a coma for the ultimate two weeks.

At this time, the hospital has prohibited all friends and has allegedly banned Andrea from the hospital. As shared by Aunt Karen by her TikTok cope with, Andrea is allegedly banned from seeing or visiting her husband Von in hospital, and the ward he’s in is already locked down on account of protestors.

Arizona: Dre Aka Andrea McCray Drama Exposed On TikTok, Marvin ‘Von’ McCray Full Story Explained.For More Article Visit Esajaelina

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